The Unmentionables
Wed October 24 - Wed October 24, 2018
8.00am - 10.30am
Event Cinemas Kotara

It’s time. To talk about the Unmentionables. We’re getting better at it. Conversations around Domestic Violence and Homelessness have begun and change is happening.

Now let’s get great! And have even more impact. Hunter Collective 18 will create a space to Mention and start public conversations about Death and Dying, Sex, and Body Fluids. The kind of conversation where there is no Bull Shit and no Political Correctness.

Our speakers wear no masks. Why is it important? What is happening? How can you create impact? Get it out into an open forum. We’re talking about Unmentionables.

Join us for a morning of shocking presentations and discussions - Totally. Unmentionable

Prepared to be shocked and surprised.

Disruption & Innovation Meet SexTech, FemTech & HealthTech
Jak Haines

Jak Haines is the founder and CEO of Vavven, a political brand focused on making society re-evaluate the way it views both sex and business.

Jak has created a business game changer. Vavven doesn't shy from the challenge of using disruption and innovation to contrbute to community and making the world a better place. Jak encourages others to enter the social space, multiplying her effect, showing it’s possible to do good and earn well.

Jak has founded a number of businesses, disrupting industries socially and financially.

Now she is disrupting the sex industry.

Undies = Social Enterprise + Conscious Capitalism

.Kristy Chong is the CEO & Founder of Modibodi, a revolutionary women’s high-tech apparel brand that empowers women of all ages, shapes and sizes to live a better life.

Kristy’s personal experience with the common “unmentionable” of Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) saw her design, develop and scientifically prove her patent-pending absorbent underpants and transform this into the Modibodi™ collection, which now includes tops, singlets and moisture wicking underpants.

Since its inception, Modibodi™ sales and brand awareness continues to grow at an exponential rate through strategic business planning, manufacturing development, product offering, marketing and public relations. Clientele from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Iceland, UAE, United States of America and United Kingdom have embraced this Aussie brand.

Life at the End: Losing Money, Memory and Muscles
Tracy Brown

Dr Tracy Brown is a geriatrician - a specialist for the older person. Death, dying, ageing, loss of youth, memory, libido, flexibility, independence and standard of living are definitely "unmentionable" in our youth obsessed culture.

Living a full life to the end requires proactive planning for increasing care needs combined with financial, cognitive and physical flexibility.

The key to excellence in healthcare delivery in the future requires a focus on health, care of the sick and awareness of essential factors for healing. Tracy lectures on clinical management plans, lifestyle prescriptions and the patient experience.


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Prepared to be shocked and surprised.

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