UtopiaX has a Mass Transformative Purpose:
to contribute to the creation of a Utopic society that allows us all to co-exist in love and peace, and with respect.

We celebrate all ages, nationalities, religions, genders and all other segmentations that traditionally have sought to divide. UtopiaX recognizes individuation: we are all unique, each with our greater purpose, all of us co-existing as One. There is a movement happening, a collective consciousness willing the creation of a better world.

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Christina Gerakiteys

Founder / UtopiaX

Christina Gerakiteys is a creativity and innovation catalyst. Her purpose is to ignite hearts and minds to what is possible. 

With a strong communication background, she passionately writes and presents business development and innovation programs and workshops. She is also a sought-after facilitator for corporate events and conferences. 

Christina is founder of UtopiaX, a business with its focus on creativity and innovation. She writes for several publications and speaks regularly on radio about business development and the crucial roles that creativity and innovation play in success. She is a contributor to the award winning Front-End Innovation blog.

Her depth of knowledge and engaging style has made her a popular presenter at major conferences including SingularityU Australia Summit, Vivid Ideas and Creative Innovation. 

Christina is an active supporter and advocate for several innovation committees, produces the annual Hunter Innovation Festival, and lectures in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

A self-confessed lifelong learner, she is a recent graduate of the Executive Program at Singularity University (Cuperitno, Silicon Valley) and is currently undertaking doctorate studies in Creativity and Innovation. 

In 2018 Christina will publish her second book Celebrating Utopia – One Failure at a Time. This follows the publication of her first published work, Can’t Talk Now I’m on the Phone. A third, Celebrating Empowerment – One Criticism at a Time is in interview stage.

Speaking Topics

Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time
Celebrating Empowerment One Criticism at a Time
Ten Business Lessons From A Tiny Greek Island
Creativity and Innovation and Business 101
Democratisation, Holocracy and Transformative Purpose – Huh?
Collaboration is the new Orange is the new Black
The ‘I’s Behind the WHY – Finding Meaning and Creating Impact
Don’t Ask Don’t Get – The Science of Askology


The Road to UtopiaX – Find Your Purpose (Start With Why)
The Art of Customer Centricity; lessons in Design Thinking
The Future of Work 
Innovation – Just Do It
The Art of Collaboration

Christina is an Entrepreneurial Futurist and Business Accelerator. Her deep expertise is matched by unrivalled passion. Well respected, and trusted throughout Australia, Christina identified the need for entrepreneurship and innovation leadership twenty years before Australasia. She is a gifted mentor who can future proof your business.

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