LumiereX offers retreats and Xperiences that inspire growth of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. Our retreats are focused on the individuation of each participant. Each Xperience is unique. 

Retreats are inclusive of the latest in research; the discovery of the head brain, heart brain and gut brain; the acknowledgement of intuition; the science behind 'we are what we think’. We are ever-mindful that science proves what we intrinsically know to be true. That which has been true for many hundreds of years.

Our focus is on purpose and presence, intent and impact, reflection and revolution, and standing secure in the space you want to occupy.

The earth has a magnetic field aligned with its axis of rotation and the compass has four cardinal points that align with that field. Humans have four centres of influence that need to be aligned so we can live in optimum health and happiness.

We are the sum of our four centres of influence - Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. When all four centres are aligned, we operate at our potential. Home (Body), Work (Mind), Passion (Heart) and Purpose (Soul) need to be evaluated, developed and nurtured so we find 'success' and fulfilment. When these four centres are aligned, the impossible becomes possible, the improbable becomes probable.

Our goals are Transformation - Mind Shifts - Connection.

With each other and with our environment.



Thank you for creating possibility through mind, body and spirit. It has been amazing.

Thank you for a transformational experience – flying high.

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