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Our innovation, creativity, training and education hub. Our courses will bring personal and organisational change and sustainability, through ideation and execution.


We encourage Moon Shot Ideating. We facilitate ideation sessions, protoype fast and easy and develop strategies to bring ideas to life. We make things happen.


When the body is well fed, the mind continuously expanded, the heart always full and the soul lovingly nourished, we are free to operate from our knowing and purpose.


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5 Mar | Radio

In this group of interviews we cover Telsa, Vivid, Netflix, autonomous vehicles, most innovative companies, and so much more!

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Is Utopia Possible?

25 Sep | Innovation

Growing up I wondered when the increasing value of ‘things’ would outstrip the dollars available. As an adult, I am still wondering. 

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Be Careful What You Ask For

14 May | Culture

I have ‘heard’ myself say to several people lately, “I would rather lose my wallet than my phone”. I know better. I know we get what we ask for. 

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