Our innovation, creativity, training and education hub. Our courses will bring personal and organisational change and sustainability, through ideation and execution.

We offer a range of workshops and training programs for individuals wanting to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and who understand the benefits of collaborative thinking and networking.

Our courses are not formally accredited. We don’t have time to fill in paperwork and tick boxes because we are creating the ultimate programs in experiential learning. Learning does not begin with an enrolment form and end with a qualification. Learning is a lifelong experience.

We want to change the way we collectively view the world. We want to Create New.

We have partnered with experts in many modalities, from Narrative Therapy to Herbal Medicine, from Trauma Counselling to Leadership and Personal Development.

We offer courses to establish the pillars of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. Without body, we have no vehicle, without mind we have no thought filter, without heart there is no compassion and without Soul there is no purpose.

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The Innovation X Change program is an inspiring, empowering, challenging and motivating program that has given me a renewed focus and direction for my business and my personal growth.

Raz O'Connor — Founder, Ronnoco

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