We are Creativity and Innovation catalysts. At UtopiaX we inspire business growth, working with corporates, government organisations, SME’s and Start-ups. Our products are customised Xperiences and include innovation and leadership programs, one-on-one consultations, workshops and longer-term sessional programs.

IdeationWorX is the bridge between imagination and execution. It is the conception, the creation, the formation. It is in the moment before sleep, and in the moment before awake. It can be big and bold or simple and elegant, incremental or sustainable, disruptive or radical. 

Ideas are great. Without execution they are useless. We action ideas.

Work with us to:

  • Launch new ideas or develop new products
  • Stimulate critical thinking and creativity
  • Mandate individual responsibility and thought leadership
  • Impact the market, the economy and the local community
  • Manage opportunities and challenges
  • Implement fearless change
  • Integrate accountability and social responsibility
  • Unleash the capacity for imagination and improvisation

On your own? Join our Innovation X-Change prorgams or sign up for a Design Thinking Bootcamp. Discover your passion and purpose in a Start With Why Workshop.

Manage a team? We engage in an innovation conversation with you and produce a training needs analysis. We then customise our workshops and programs to suit your specific requirements. 

To book a complimentary appointment with Christina to discuss your specific needs please complete our enquiry form, found here.

Christina’s unique and professional approach has had a positive impact on our business, influencing our plans, processes and thinking for the future.

Sarah Parry-Jones
— Branch Manager, Earp Brothers

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