Ideation is the bridge between imagination and execution. It is the conception, the creation, the formation. It is in the moment before sleep, and in the moment before awake. It can be big and bold or simple and elegant.

We put the Think back into the Tank. The art of critical thinking has been lost. With each rule we create, with each attempt to rob an individual of responsibility and accountability, we restrict the capacity for imagination and improvisation.

We inspire business growth, working with corporates, government organisations, SME’s and Start-ups. We facilitate improvements to everyday operations to ensure sustainable innovation. We don’t mind if your preferred innovation type is to destroy, disrupt, sustain, or increment – we work with you!

All ideas are great. None are effective without action. We ensure activation of ideas.

IdeationWorX specialises in Creativity and Innovation Training and Consultation, Workshops and Public Speaking, Collaborative Events and Bespoke Event Management and facilitation.

We offer innovation audits, workshops, education and one on one consultations in creativity, innovation and ideation for businesses and industry groups. We work with executive, management and frontline teams to increase productivity and collaboration.

Our philosophy is to allow enough freedom, offer enough incentive and empower people to:

  • Launch a new idea or develop a new product
  • Encourage creativity
  • Encourage individual responsibility
  • Impact the market, the economy and the local community
  • Manage opportunities and challenges
  • Implement change strategies without fear or reservation
  • Integrate social responsibility

We don’t pretend to provide the answers to your problems. We do facilitate the processes that lead to solutions.

We engage with you (and your team) in an innovation conversation to produce a training needs analysis. We then customise our workshops to suit your specific requirements.

To book a complimentary appointment with Christina to discuss your specific needs please complete our enquiry form, found here.

Christina’s unique and professional approach has had a positive impact on our business, influencing our plans, processes and thinking for the future.

Sarah Parry-Jones
— Branch Manager, Earp Brothers

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