15 Mar 16|Culture

Top of the list: Be brave enough to be exactly who you want to be, one hundred percent of the time. You don’t need to be one version of yourself at home and another at work.

Next: Don’t get stuck doing something that cripples your soul. Especially don’t be crippled by a boss or manager who wants to cut you down. Nothing is worth the psychological or physical price of that.

Thirdly: Confidence is a myth, so be confident anyway.

Fourth: Only as**oles will celebrate your failures. Most people will empathise with you and then forget about whatever it is you think you failed at. People are way too busy and caught up in their own lives to worry about what you think may have gone wrong in yours
Finally: Have the courage to take those calculated risks that you just know are going to work.

Confidence is a myth, so be confident anyway.

Confidence is a myth, so be confident anyway.

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