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Last week at Vivid Sydney we started a movement, #creativityequals.

Last week at Vivid Sydney we started a movement, #creativityequals.

It was time to take the talk and give it some walk.

Ideation hosted a workshop at Vivid Ideas.

An amazing group of creatives agreed to be on the panel and take part in the workshop to develop the campaign.

For years, whether consulting with creative businesses or discussing business models with students of the creative industries, I find myself asking the same question. What’s your worth?

Imagine your toilet overflowing. You call Dr Plumber. He fixes the toilet and you are thrilled. As you escort him to the door you say, “Thanks so much, I just love your work. I will be sure to refer you to my friends. One of them could have a paying job for you”.

For those working in the creative industries (graphic designers, videographers, fashion designers, communication experts, musicians, architects, artists, choreographers etc.) this happens all too often in their early and mid-careers. “That’s OK”, you say, “let them get a real job if they’re not happy”. 

But where would any business be without branding, advertising, promotion and design?

The creative sector contributes around $90.19 billion to the national economy annually in turnover. 

It adds almost $45.89 billion in GDP and helps generate exports of $3.2 billion dollars annually. 

Over and above this contribution, the creative industries in Australia employ many volunteers, whose contribution is not included within these estimates. (Source - Valuing Australia's Creative Industries 2013)

Next time you are out and about, look around you. 

The creative industries are recording history, cultivating culture and making your business stand out.

So, What’s Your Worth? #creativityequals

So, What’s Your Worth? #creativityequals

So, What’s Your Worth? #creativityequals

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