21 Dec 16|Innovation

What an amazingly fast and furious year. While everyone is in evaluation and planning mode, here are five essential points to consider and execute for success in 2017.


1.   Know Your Why. This is fast becoming a mantra but has been around for years and is integral to success. The concept has finally reached tipping point! When you can articulate your purpose you can make all decisions measured against it.

2.   Dedicate time. For innovation and creativity. To conceptualise and act on the how, what and when of your why. To think. No time allocation will mean you will make no progress.

3.   Read widely. Divergent thinking is integral to asking the right questions and finding solutions. It is crucial to growth and development to think outside your area of expertise.

4.   Find your Mass Transformative Purpose. What is the biggest problem or global issue you can solve? Just as Google transformed information gathering, Uber transformed transport, Xero transformed accounting and Blockchain will transform money exchange, how can you transform your industry? We are living in the age of connectivity…think about it.

5.   The 3 Ss of Braining – Shifting, Streaming and Storming. There is more than one way to create brain gyms in your meetings. It’s important to give everyone a say, create methods for all voiced to be heard. Brain Storming can be hijacked by strong personalities. Shifting and Streaming allow for greater input.

I wish you a peaceful, creative, innovative and love infested holiday season. Thanks for your support throughout the year. And for reading!

We are living in the age of connectivity…think about it.

We are living in the age of connectivity…think about it.

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