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Pip Stocks – The Maven Pip is the founder of BrandHook, an award winning Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader. She often appears on ACA as their retail expert (not developing insight into why neighbours are at war) and offers her opinion in press and radio. She has worked on both agency and client side having started her career in the UK in 1992. She has worked on lot of global brands and helped launch Hugo Boss fragrances into top 5 positions around the world, worked as the Marketing Manager for a Branson start up called Virgin Energy and invigorated Portmans from daggy back suits to workwear re-imagined. BrandHook currently works with Heinz, ANZ, Harris Scarfe, Witchery, SLURPEE, Treasury Wines and iSelect to name a few providing consumer insight and brands strategy.

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Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time

28 Apr | Innovation

To succeed in business, we must change the meaning of the word ‘failure’ and that takes courage.

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Disruption is so Much More Than Disobedience

27 May | Innovation

If there’s one message that day-1 of the Boston Innovation Festival made sure cut through with delegates, it’s that Disruptive Innovation is so much more than simply the act of being disruptive. 

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The Human is Back! Front and Centre

27 May | Innovation

There has been an emphasis on the human at the Boston Innovation Festival 2019. The trends are moving away from technology being the star. We are realizing that technology is here to better serve humanity. 

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