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Over the next few posts you will find simple ways to implement seven habits that come highly recommended (and tested) to make your 2017 a 10! Start by ‘sleeping on them’ each night. There is no ‘perfect plan’ to start on January 1. Good habits can be started and bad habits dropped on any day. Make today count!

The seven super habits are:

1. Keep a journal

2. Be grateful

3. Stimulate your mind

4. Move your body

5. Start big or small – just start then Focus Focus Focus

6. Your soul needs nourishment as much as your mind and body

7. Breathe.


Number 1. Keep a Journal.

A journal is ‘a record of personal events and journeys’. Why keep one? They serve as a record of where you’ve been, are a release fro emotions (better out than in), show a commitment to ideas/goals/plans – in fact the the reasons are endless. 

Tip 1.Choose your medium. Are you a writer? Write. Are you a talker – video or record. The journaling is what is important. The medium is your choice. 

Tip 2. They don’t have to be epic – you don’t need to write the next War and Peace or A Little Life! 2 lines will do. So you don’t need 1/2 an hour – you need 5 minutes. And if you are in your own business or managing a team – the content is often useful for social media content or team talks. 

Tip 3. To create the habit, try and make it the same time every day. If something comes up – change the time – derrr  – nothing like stating the obvious.


Number 2. Being grateful.

It is well documented that being gracious/grateful/demonstrating gratitude, is a practice that strengthens our immunity, makes us happier, increases resilience and optimism and has many, many other physical and emotional benefits. Many people are talking gratitude – so here’s our three simple tips to help ‘walk the gratitude talk’. 

Tip 1. Say Thank You – every time someone does something for you, no matter how small. And as you say the words, make eye contact so the intent is real and not automatic. 

Tip 2. Make the final entry in your journal every day, something you feel grateful for. Make it simple for example, “Today I was grateful that I got to walk on the beach with my friend”. 

Tip 3. Ask everyone that sits down to have dinner with you to share one small thing they are grateful for from the day. The first couple of times might get a few giggles.

To create the habit, try and make it the same time every day.

To create the habit, try and make it the same time every day.

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