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Ten Business Lessons From a Tiny Greek Island Part 1

Lesson 1

Here I am on the island of my ancestors. I am a fanatical walker and discover whatever I can on foot. This morning I set off on a walk up the mountain. I chose a destination and off I went into unchartered territory. Being a rugged island, the path at times was rocky. It was very hot but every now and again I was thankful for a breeze that blew across my skin. I went through a canopy of trees and eventually reached the peak. I began my descent more sure of where I was headed. At times I chose a different path and wound my way back to the coast. I selected a second destination and when I reached it discovered beauty in the simple flower arrangements. I turned to begin the return journey and realised I had the wind at my back the whole time. It’s very much like setting off on a new business venture. It’s uphill…its rocky…its unchartered. But when you reach a goal the satisfaction is intense and when you turn around, you look into the faces of those that support you.

Lesson 2

This morning when I set off it was already 24c. Off I went up the hill, heading for the same landmark as yesterday. I decided to veer onto a different track. I came to an almost dead end. I have a dislike of back tracking and noticed a slightly trodden path so I started following it. But I had no destination. No goal. I pushed on through my stubbornness to avoid the ‘backtrack’. The thorns are more aptly named agathia – they scratch sting and hurt. My legs were bleeding. Not only did I veer off path into the Unknown but I wasn’t prepared for an off-the-beaten track adventure. So I stopped. I gathered my thoughts and my bearings. I decided not to panic. I set a course. I took a few more beatings from a few wild thorns but eventually found a new path. Sometimes in business we have to veer off course – take a leap of faith. But it should always be with ‘the end in mind’ and with a plan b in the wings. And when we get a little lost, we need to look around, reassess, breath, plan and with will and determination press on.

I decided not to panic. I set a course.

I decided not to panic. I set a course.

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