3 Nov 18|Creativity

Here are four quotes that have played themselves into my business. 

To thine own self be true, William Shakespeare
My second-grade teacher was Mrs. Metcalf.  She wrote in my end of year book, wherever you go whatever you do always paddle your own canoe. That’s my earliest memory of someone encouraging my individuality outside of my family. My parents’ entrepreneurial prowess shaped my creative growth. Be yourself. Share your unique gifts with the world. We are alive in the age of the evolutionary entrepreneur! 


That which does not kill us makes us stronger, Friedrich Nietzsche
Bad things will happen. That’s how life rolls. It’s how we react that makes or breaks us. As Einstein explained, everything has an equal and opposite reaction. We can’t feel love without experiencing fear, need to understand sorrow in order to realise joy, grasp despair to feel freedom. We need to focus on Post Traumatic Growth and find the meaning, the joy, hope and strength. Then we can expand. To succeed in life and in business, we need to grow grit! 


First do no harm, Hippocrates
Your body is the temple that houses your heart, mind and soul. Your nationality, religion, sexual orientation make no difference.  What you feed your mind, body, heart and soul permeates into your cells. Choose wisely. There is a growing trend by successful entrepreneurs to avoid junk food and bad news. These factors are crucial to keeping a positive mindset. Choose your food and fertiliser well.


Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Native American Indians and multiple other indigenous tribes are right! We are better together. Always.

To thine own self be true...

To thine own self be true...

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