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Opening hearts and minds, inspiring impossible to possible.

How do you find your why? Workshops
We are fortunate to have been in conversation with the internationally acclaimed Simon Sinek Start with Why team for over two years.

This collaboration allows us to present a series of workshops to help you find your Why. Three workshops, run over a period of weeks, ensure time in between to ‘sleep on’ your purpose.


Why Finding your Why Works
Imagine this. You ask me what I do. I could respond with, “I run workshops on Vision and Values, Design Thinking, Innovation and The Future of Work. I also run Innovation programs for organisations, so they can harness the input of their staff to increase productivity, improve workplace happiness and improve the bottom line”.

Or I could say, “I open hearts and minds, inspiring impossible to possible. Everything I do is about ensuring you reach your potential.” We will workshop strategies that will inspire you to set your goals high, determine the actions you need to reach them, and build a great team and client base along the way. And what’s more, it’s all based in science and research.

Workshop 1 (3 hours)
• Understand the Golden Circle as developed by Simon Sinek.
• Discover where your purpose and passion originate
• Explore how to bring your Why to life

Workshop 2 (3 hours)
• Learn the process and methodologies used to extract the experiences of significance that will contribute to your Why discovery
• Investigate Limiting Beliefs that may be holding you back from experiencing your true potential
• Understand the significance of the Why, How and What at the intersections of Body, Mind and Spirit

Workshop 3 (3 hours)
• Learn the evaluation process of stories and how to extract themes from experiences
• Discover the significance of Impact and Contribution
• Discover the significance of the How and What in relation to the Why

Follow up assistance is available after the program.

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