Global Impact: A Future by Design
8.30am - 11.00am

From August the 20th-22nd 2018, in one of the innovation epicentres of the world, San Francisco, the world's most innovative leaders gathered to share their knowledge on emerging technologies and how it redefines business, society and humanity.

In the coming months we will be sharing information gathered by the SingularityU Community on how to impact and connect a global network of innovators. Be updated on biotech, agtech, fintech, medtech, the latest in AI, and a few surprises. 

Be a part of a grander conversation on how to impact and connect with a global network of innovators.



Christina Gerakiteys

Ambassador, SingularityU Newcastle

Founder and Chief Adaptability Officer, UtopiaX

Christina's purpose is to inspire hearts and minds to the possibility so together we create a wonderful world. She is a creativity and innovation catalyst. 

She has the vision to excite and ignite the creativity and innovation in every person on the planet so businesses and individuals are empowered to do what they do best. 

We change you from your current state of thinking to moonshot thinking - discovering and acting on what is possible rather than what is acceptable, normal or restrictive. 


Lisa Andrews

Co-Ambassador, SingularityU Newcastle

CEO, Ignite Alliance

The purpose of her life is to love, live and inspire others. Lisa specialises in helping aspirational businesses grow and believes that she can help any business achieve their goals.

More recently, she found Ignite Alliance to share her knowledge and experience with multiple businesses, using the power of accounting and online marketing to help you love what you do and coming to work every day!


Demian Coorey

Advisory Board Member, SingularityU Newcastle

Futurist Speaker and Innovation Thinking Coach, Totally Clear

Demian is an award-winning physicist, the former chief analyst for Citibank Australia, and the only vegetarian ever to be head of product development at Barbeques Galore. 

From his earliest adult years, he learned to transition from analytical, left brain to creative right brain thinking, and back again, at will. He runs Future of Thinking workshops and watched people at every level of the organisation wake up the right creative side of their brain that in their words, has been asleep since early childhood. 

His whole life has been about the Future of Thinking, and he wants to make it yours as well


David Shepherd

Advisory Board Member, SingularityU Newcastle

Director of Sales, Australia & New Zealand, HubSpot

David gets excited about growth. The power of growth is why we root for the underdog: they have to grow before they conquer, and that journey is everything. The best part of his day is hearing customers' success stories.

Growth is the reason he joined HubSpot. Coming from a family where both parents own their own business, he knew that finding customers is the hardest part. So when he found HubSpot, he fell in love with their mission to help businesses attract more customers, and ever since, he's been helping companies to grow using inbound marketing and sales.

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Be a part of a grander conversation on how to impact and connect with a global network of innovators.

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