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The definition of a VUCA World is one that is marked by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. 


We know that the rate of change in business is unprecedented and exponential. This is proving to be incredibly difficult for many on a personal level and for many organisations. Fear seems to be overwhelming and thriving in the future appears to be a challenge.


Change starts with each of us on a personal and individual level. To be effective in this time of exponential change, and to effect good change, we must be prepared to unlearn what we have learnt and to relearn collaboratively. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, yet there are common themes that must be adapted in order for us to maintain a societal construct. 


The question is, are you prepared to lead in times of change and challenge?

Are you prepared to examine what kind of leader you are and how you can best serve your family, organisation, planet and yourself.


Through project based, experiential learning you will discover existing and new methodologies to lead change and both affect and effect your immediate spheres of influence and the planet.


You will work on projects for your business or organisations, simultaneously aligned to the United Nations Global Goals.


This course is for Founders, CEOs, C-Suite executives, Leaders, Future Leaders and those ready to commit to global change and understanding.





1. Doing the Right Things

2. Doing Things Right

3. Doing the Right Things Better 

4. Doing Away With Things

5. Doing Things Other People Are Doing

6. Doing Things No-One Else Is Doing

7. Doing Things That Can’t Be Done


Topics include:

  • The Future of Work,
  • The Future of Society,
  • Exponential Thinking,
  • An Abundance Mindset,
  • The 6 D’s (Digitised, Deceptive, Disruptive, Dematerialisation, Demonetisation, Democratisation),
  • The Biology of Belief,
  • How to Affect a Billion People,
  • Quantum Computers.


Topic additions will be made to the program dependent on the project selections and additional information from the Boston Innovation Festival in April. 

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